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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Know the Season You’re In

While wishing a girlfriend Happy Birthday recently it occurred to me how quickly the seasons of life can change without really noticing. One day you and your bestie are spending every waking moment together and the next you’re only saying hello for birthdays and holidays. Seasons of life…

5 Tips For Brushing Your Toddler or Preschooler’s Teeth!

I am mother to 3 children as well as a dental hygienist. I am often asked how do I brush my child’s teeth when they constantly fight me! This is a tough question with no easy answers. But then again, what is easy about raising a toddler or…

What is Your Story?

  As my husband and I sat in church this past Sunday, we were so impacted by the amazing testimonies we heard and the amazing worship of our King. It felt like the closest thing to Heaven here on earth we could achieve. Oh to be in His presence for…

Jesus is Risen!

  I lie awake early this Easter morning feeling thankful for the precious sacrifice made on the cross so that I could live a life free from sin and death. I’m so glad He isn’t there anymore and is ruling and reigning in heaven and in…

Breaking Free From Shame

  Shame is such a nasty word. It has been an unwelcome visitor in my life to varying degrees over the years. It is no respecter of persons and will latch on wherever we allow it. Shame is familiar to most of us, but I think few talk about it…

3 Actions To Move Toward Abba Father

    The current journey I’m embarking on involves extreme vulnerability in telling parts of my story. Of course my story involves other people, so handle my story and theirs with care. I spoke previously of a relationship that I was involved in during much of my adolescent…

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