8 Back To School Traditions to Start This Year!

I don’t remember any back-to-school traditions growing up aside from the usual back-to-school clothes shopping. We had plenty of others traditions that stand out though. But isn’t that what having a family and raising little people is all about? Starting your own traditions that’ll last a lifetime.

As parents, our goal should always be to find connection with our children. Connection is how our children feel loved. Connection is what will keep our kids feeling safe enough to always come to us even in those challenging teenage years.

If you’ve never read, “The Five Love Languages” by Dr. Gary Chapman, then I highly recommend it. There is a subsequent book for children that he wrote as well based on the same five love languages. He speaks about the different ways children receive and give love.

I could go on and on about the love languages, but I just want to give you a quick overview. People primarily give and receive love through 1-2 of these 5 basic Ways:

  1. Acts of Service- “Mommy, will you make me my favorite dinner tonight?”
  2. Gift Giving- “Mommy, would you bring me home a gift from your work trip?”
  3. Affirmation- “Johnny, that was so great how you gave that crying girl a hug.”
  4. Quality Time- “Mommy, will you play with me?”
  5. Physical Touch- Giving your child hugs and kisses.

When you read through these ideas for back-to school traditions to start with your family, think about how your child gives and receives love. What will cause your child to feel the most connected with you? If you’re not sure, try them all and see how he or she responds.

1) First Day/Last Day-

This first idea might fall under quality time. The infamous first day of school (and last) picture. But to mix it up a bit try having your child hold a sign that says their grade, what they want to be when they grow up, and favorite hobby or sport. Spend some time discussing these questions with your child.

2) Back to School Breakfast

A back-to-school breakfast falls under quality time or could be an act of service as well. My girlfriend does donuts every year with her kiddos. What kid wouldn’t look forward to that each year? Let your child pick his or her favorite breakfast.

3) Special Surprise-

Having a special gift or surprise for your child waiting when they get home is an excellent gift giving idea. What child wouldn’t look forward to that?

4) Special Dinner

A special dinner is a great act of service. The night before have a special dinner of their choosing and ask them what they are most looking forward to about their first day of school.

5) Lunch Love Note

My kids love notes in their lunch and notes are a great way to use affirmation. Write a special note to your child and put it in their lunch encouraging them about the day and the year to come. Remind them who they were created to be and what special gifts or talents you see in them.

6) Video Reflection Time

At the end of the day sit down and reflect on the day. This time spent would be a great example of the quality time love language. Ask your child what their favorite thing about the day was. Ask them about their teacher. Ask them about their friends. Ask them about what their future will look like. Record all that they say.

7) Cuddle Time

Get some good cuddle time in for the physical touch love language and reflect on the day. Let your child tell you all the amazing things that happened at school that day!

8) Wrap Up School Supplies

More gift giving! How fun would it be to get your new supplies all wrapped like a present. Surprise your child with a “present” and have all their goodies wrapped like it’s Christmas!

Back-to School traditions are just starting for us. I’m looking forward to putting some of these ideas into action for our family. Everyday is a new day to show your child how much they mean to you.

**What traditions did your family have? What traditions are you starting now? Have you ever thought about how they fit in with the five love languages? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Use the links below to order Gary Chapman’s best-selling book.


  1. Carmen | 4th Aug 17

    What a unique idea to have traditions that go with the 5 love languages! Each of the kids should feel special with at least one of these ideas! Something to continue on throughout the year. Going to share to facebook.

  2. Stacey Billingsley | 4th Aug 17

    We’ll have to implement some traditions beyond the first day of school picture. We are a little boring. I’m a teacher, though, and we drive 30 minutes to our school district, so I’m mostly just trying to survive the first day! But there will be cuddles!

  3. Anitra | 4th Aug 17

    The lunch love note is my favorite! Ive had a few of my preschoolers come with a note in their lunch boxes, and it is so cute to see their faces light up when they see it and I read it to them! Great ideas!

  4. Sarah | 4th Aug 17

    LOVE these!

  5. Emily | 4th Aug 17

    We homeschool year round, so we don’t have any first day traditions. I do plan out and order new materials each fall.

  6. Bola | 4th Aug 17

    Wow! Very beautiful ideas. Would definitely put them to use and start our own traditions. One thing i do however is pray specially for them.

  7. Carmen | 4th Aug 17

    I love these ideas for traditions following the love languages! Use a few of these and everyone will feel the love!

  8. Lisa | 5th Aug 17

    Great ideas! We love The Five Love Languages!

  9. Melissa | 5th Aug 17

    Wonderful suggestions!

  10. Kristin | 5th Aug 17

    Great book! I have the one for children also but haven’t read it yet….I love the breakfast idea!

  11. Autumn | 5th Aug 17

    These are so sweet 🙂 Can’t wait to make traditions like this wig my baby girl.

  12. Terri | 7th Aug 17

    I love the idea of traditions. They seem to make moments so much more special, and can make getting ready to go back to school exciting instead of sad.

  13. Joanne | 10th Aug 17

    I love these ideas! I am also going to check out those books! Thanks!

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