Meet Nicole

Welcome to Cruze Clan !

I am wife to Paul, and mother to three amazing children. We love to invest as much time with our children knowing full well the years pass by quickly. The time I invest in my children now is what they will remember as they grow into adults. We love to laugh, play and expose our children to new adventures.

Most importantly, I am a daughter of God and I have a story to tell. A story of love, laughter, pain, and most importantly redemption.

As I live this life, my children are watching. One day they’ll know my whole story, but in the mean time I hope to show them how to live a life devoted to family and faith and that life with Christ is full of adventure.

My story is complex and full of layers just like yours. Cruze Clan developed out of a desire to share the disappointments as well as the victories that have shaped my life. My desire is for you and your family to be inspired to find purpose.