“To The Father of My Children”

To the Father of My Children,

When I met you 8 years ago, I was quickly swept off my feet by your charisma and humor. You had no reservations in showing affection to me or telling others of your affection for me. I’ll admit, your PDA caught me a bit off guard and even made me a little uncomfortable (and sometimes still does). Even still, I quickly fell in love with your ways.

As Father’s Day approaches I wanted to honor you, the man my kids call daddy.

You were a divorced dad, caring for your boy alone part-time. You were devoted, making sure that he was clean at all times, fed simple but healthy meals, and you always made sure that the days you had him were spent with him.

But what struck me then, was how much you suffered. You were broken-hearted, facing the pain of sin and divorce. You were fully aware of the reality that your divorce meant there would be many days and nights spent away from your boy.

Now that we have children of our own together, I have watched you evolve as a husband and father, always looking for the chance to grow as the leader of our home.  You have done your best to listen to the Holy Spirit’s voice and are quick to repent if you’ve been short-fused or impatient. You have been tested (as all parents are) to grow in patience and love and are always up for the challenge.

I remember a time in our daughter’s life when she was around 18-months old and she wasn’t receiving your affection very openly. You recognized the disconnect and began pursuing her, much the way God the Father pursues us. Everyday you came home from work, put your things down, turned on her favorite song by Brooke Fraser, “There’s Something in the Water” and danced with her until she didn’t want to dance anymore.

You could have taken on an offense and withdrawn from her. But instead you made a choice to be intentional with your love. You moved toward her everyday and I saw what you did. And the pay out is a daughter who loves her daddy with all her heart.

To the Father of My Children

I saw what you did then, and I see what you do now.

I see you each day as you pursue a relationship with the Lord.

I see you each day as you pursue a relationship with me.

I see you each day as you pursue a relationship with our children.

I see you each day as you work hard to provide for our family financially, spiritually, and emotionally.

I appreciate you.

As we move into the Father’s day season, I am even more grateful that I chose you and you chose me. No one is better suited to lead our family. You lead our family the way God the Father leads, in love and with patience.

I couldn’t be more grateful for the man I’ve chosen to do life with, Happy Father’s Day Babe!

To see my hubby in action, take a look at this video. Daddy Daughter Dance

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  1. Carla Doran | 6th Jun 17

    What an awesome tribute!

    • Nicole Cruze | 8th Jun 17

      Thank You so much Carla, I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Denise Smessaert | 8th Jun 17

    What a beautiful post. Tears are streaming down my face. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute with us all. You BOTH are truly amazing.

    • Nicole Cruze | 8th Jun 17

      Thank you Denise! I’m so encouraged! Thank you for taking the time to read it!

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