What is Your Story?


As my husband and I sat in church this past Sunday, we were so impacted by the amazing testimonies we heard and the amazing worship of our King. It felt like the closest thing to Heaven here on earth we could achieve. Oh to be in His presence for eternity to worship Him and just BE with Him.  The story of Christ’s death and resurrection never grows old. Can you imagine a story that’s been told for 2000 years that’s still impacts people radically to this day?  The God-man resurrected Himself from the grave to save you and I from eternal death! But even more importantly so that we could live a life full of joy and hope and peace and not eternally separated from Him.  So you could live a life more exciting and adventurous than any sinful desire could ever fill. A life so full and complete that you’d lay down your own life for the One who gave it all. HE is literally the most loving, gracious, merciful and exciting God/friend/companion you could ever hope for. Jesus.

Several years ago a man began writing our  Pastor  from his jail cell while serving a 15 year sentence for murder. He had given his life to Christ while waiting in county jail to be shipped off to prison. From the moment he gave his life over, Christ began to fulfill this young man’s destiny and purpose in Christ. What followed was many lives in that prison being radically changed. I’m not talking about the casual ‘I have nothing better to do here in prison so I guess I’ll try God’. I’m talking about radical, ‘Ive tried everything else this world has to offer, and it isn’t working, JESUS HELP ME!” And can you believe it? Christ is real and He answers.

As these men and women began to recount their stories, all I could do was cry. Jesus is so incredibly merciful and loving. Stories of murder, drugs, prostitution, abuse, and more. Years of behaviour that the system couldn’t fix are completely healed in a moment of time with Jesus. A man and woman gave their lives to Christ while sitting in solitary confinement, one while in a straight jacket. The woman said she was set free in that very moment of years of emotional and spiritual torment right there in her straight jacket. The joy overwhelmed her as years of hurt and pain melted under the power of the love of Christ. No one has the power to do that but JESUS.

Why does it often take us being brought to our knees before we understand our need for God? We are  stubborn and prideful. Oh God, help me not to be stubborn and prideful.

I could recite the Gospel over and over but there is nothing like seeing the Gospel played out in front of you through real life experiences. Revelation 12:11 says, ‘And they conquered him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death.’ Jesus was and is that Lamb and its by your testimony, your story of redemption, that Satan is conquered. Don’t be afraid to tell your story. Your story has resurrection and healing power. Someone is waiting to hear your testimony of healing and deliverance. Don’t let the enemy of God tell you otherwise. But even more, don’t let the enemy of God steal your eternal story. Don’t allow the enemy of God to steal your God-given purpose. Who were you created to be? You won’t find fulfilment in this life until you are walking in the purpose God MADE you for. Part of that purpose is telling you story. What were you made for?

***If you would like to listen to the message my husband and I heard last Sunday you can find it here at Alive in Christ from the Jesus Culture Sacramento website.

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